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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Hi, everyone!
I was surprised by the success stories I've encountered here and I am glad that you guys  can be so helpful. I found this forum not so long ago, when I found out that my score is low and started to browse internet for answers to my problem.
I made a regular credit check in July of this year and found out that my FICO was 499!!! I don't have huge credit lines, the reason for that score was late payments on Chase credit card, late car payments ( even 60 days last year) and a forgotten electric bill, that I had to pay off last year, and another credit account form 2004 with no late payments. Until recent I didn't know how to check my credit nd didn't keep an eye on it.  
So, after that I paid off and closed Chase with the small credit limit, got never late on car payments again, keep on paying off credit card in good standing and paying off that electric bill, and my score raised till 565 since July!!!! I got very excited about that.
The next year I am planning to change my car, but afraid that with late payments and still low score of 565 I'll be rejected. What is the best way to raise my FICO score up to 700s till the next summer?