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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Hey, all - I spent some time on the phone with my creditors asking for CLIs and here is what happened:

CapOne - raised my CL from $500 to $4500 (they had sent an email asking if I still had their card, since I had not used it)
Home Depot - raised my CL from $2400 to $3300
WalMart - raised my CL from $360 to $480

So, I'll see if that helps my score. I just pulled a new FICO for Experian, and my score is 682 (very close to my FAKO one), my EQ is 665 (keeps going between 663 and 669, teasing me!!!). I have not pulled a TU, since I'm trying to get some inaccuracies removed, but my FAKO has it in the 640 - 660 range.

I just sent a GW letter to Mervyns to ask that they remove some lates from 2005, when I kept trying to make online payments and they obviously never went through. Will let you know what I hear...
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