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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

pattycake wrote:
I can't seem to get my credit score to break 670 - one year ago, it was at 615. I have paid my cc's faithfully, either in full, or on time, and still, it only went up to 668, then back down to 663 on 11/28/07. I just got a Chase MC with at $10k line of credit (I travel for business, this will be very helpful, since I have to charge my expenses, then wait forever for reimbursement). I keep reading all these success stories about jumping 100+ points in a matter of that for real, or just bogus? Seems awfully weird that someone with a score in the 400's could raise their score to the 600's so fast. I settled on a few cc accounts back in 2003, and was only late on a cc a couple of years ago, since their online payment center malfunctioned (GEMB - Mervyns) and didn't take the payments I kept trying to make. Tips? Help? I want to buy a home very soon, and need to bring that score up to 700+ to get an affordable loan.

pattycake...................yes it can happen.......but I am beginning to really wonder about the fico scoring system! I say that because I recently got back from a 2 week vacation, put about $4,000 on a credit card with a 5,000 limit (90% util) and I got a score alert yesterday that my score jumped 30 points!!! I paid all but 500.00 on my credit card today, so it has not even been updated on my credit report!! Still shows 4,000 balance!! AND......I have 24 inquiries (got a little application happy!)  for this year yet my score keeps on going up!! Knock on wood....I will say my prayers tonight, and yes, my prayers will include gratitude to  all 3 credit bureaus because they have been so good to me this year!! Just food for thought that the whole fico system has a mind of its own!