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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Did some other baddie fall off your report, or go past a mile marker (like 2 years)?
Did you get re-bucketted into a lower bucket, that now you're actually in the top % of?
Did all those apps age or did some of them give you more TL/CLIs so your overal util came down from the previous reporting week?
Lots of variables to choose from.  It doesn't make sense to us since we don't know the full magical equation, but it's done by a computer so there is some massive formula that takes everything into account.
11/14/07 TU 567 - EQ 561 - EX 577
11/29/07 TU ??? - EQ 573 - EX ???
12/10/07 TU ??? - EQ 579 - EX ??? - 60% util - OOPS!