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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
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Hello. I am a new poster. I recently found this forum and have been reading all that I can to learn about how to repair my credit and increase my FICO score.

I am in relatively good shape as far as the amount of debt that I currently possess (about $2,500 + defaulted student loan) because most of my bad credit history happened long ago and it has nearly all dropped off of my credit reports. Like Tuscani posted at the start of this thread, I thought my credit was beyond help and I didn't know there was anything I could do to fix it.

But recently I have started to really want to buy my own home. So, I did some surfing and found myFICO. There is a ton of great info here!

My biggest problem is that I do have a student loan in default. Thankfully it is quite small, so paying it off won't take long compared to others with thousands of dollars worth of loans. I am going to try to rehabilitate the loan. I understand that if I take this route that that default can come off my CR. I want to try this route before PIF.

My current FICO score, according to EX, is 567 (it was 552 in August). I am actually feeling a little good about being as high as that considering my history and where I could be starting out at in my credit repair journey.

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