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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
I pulled my FICO scores 11/29/07. EX 732   EQ 666   TU 725
I disputed a 30-day late (which was a loan closing repeatedly delayed causing the payoff to be late in June 2002) and also an inquiry made when I opened a savings account in May 2007.  Both were removed. I pulled another EQ FICO on 12/10/07 and WAHLAH....EQ shot up to 693! Twenty-seven points in 11 days--gotta love that!
I don't know if the other scores increased (in my experience, most banks, etc., pull EQ), but all three CRAs showed the 30-day late.  Only EQ had the inquiry.
I actually filed the 30-day late dispute through EX, so I know there is some updating between the CRAs.
Now NO lates, NO inquiries, 14 yr history --several old good accounts dropped off Smiley Sad  --the 43% CU is the only thing holding me down now.  And that is currently going down at the rate of 1.5% per month ($272 in balance reduction=1% CU reduction, and I am paying principal balances down at a tune of $400 per month).

Tavares wrote:
Below are my EQ Fico Scores over time.
9/13/2007 666  <--- Whats with this number?

Tavares, I'm with you on "What's with this number?". My EQ stagnated several months there.