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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement - Good Will Letters Do Work!
After PIF a collection I'd been paying monthly on terms, the OC was being a bit obstinate in updating their CR reporting to show a $0 balance. Disputed with the CRAs and sent a letter via regular mail to the OC. They continued to confirm an outstanding balance.
Sent a letter CMRRR, stated I had already disputed with the CRAs and I was confused as to why they were confirming a balance owed. That seems to have gotten their attention as they started updating with a $0 balance. If they know the FCRA laws, then they know once I have confirmation from the CRAs that it's been disputed, if they don't update and do right then they are on the hook, legally, for a FCRA violation.
Still showing settled for less than the full amount, even though it wasn't. Time for another round of faxed disputes.