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Major trouble with Midland Collections. Trying to collect on an already-paid debt.
Has anyone ever heard of this company?   I did some research on them and it looks like they are not too great (put nicely).  My younger sister called me tonight frantic because an old account she paid off to FBCS in August has now been purchased by this Midland Credit Management Collections place (they purchased it in October).  I guess she called Midland and the woman told her that she had to track down FBCS and get a proof of payment letter.  The refi lender paid my sister's accounts in August by sending out payment checks to her creditors, so I'm really hoping the lender has receipts and proof of payment letters since my sister said she never got anything in the mail. 
Is this right? Can they go after someone who has already paid an account?  I feel so badly for her.  Her scores have dropped because of this and the debt has already been paid off. 
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