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Re: 50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?

FN wrote:
I've had the score-alert thing going on Equifax for the past year plus and dutifully each month the service comes back with a score in the 700-710 range.  Then today, for kicks, I got a report (through MyFICO) for the other two services.  So the three reports on the same day gave me:
Equifax - 708
Experian - 714
TransUnion - 760
That seems like quite a spread to me.  Since you never know which service someone will use, what to do about this?  Is the spread normally this large?

Not a really big spread - I have suffered worse!
My EX is currently more than 50 points below my others because it is the only CRA that calls a HELOC a CC.
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