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Disputing information with all three CB
 I am currently disputing several different accounts with all three cb companies. And i am having trouble figuring out why one will remove a credit card account that was charged off 3 years ago and was included in a Bankruptcy with no problem, but experian for example is telling me that this creditor remains until 2011, which i disagree with and i would think that experian would remove this item as transunion and equifax has already done so.  What would be your advice for my next step in getting this account removed from experian as well. 
I also have a judgement on all three as paid and this account was a apartment lease that was paid in full before the bankruptcy. But yet it is showing as included in BK as paid in full. Does this remain since it was listed as a judgement or is there a way that i can get this removed. This account was sent to the attorney before the bankruptcy and i paid them in full and we did not go to court at all. And i have a letter from the company showing paid in full way before the bankruptcy was ever filed. 
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Re: Disputing information with all three CB
I have disputed several things, with different results from each CRA, hence a 100 point difference on my scores (683 for EX, 782 for TU, EQ in the middle).
I have had the most trouble with EX, who won't let me redispute something that the other two have taken off  :smileysad:  When I try thay say they have checked it and they will not do it again.
I think you have to battle each one individually and try and keep track of all three at once.
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Re: Disputing information with all three CB
The CRAs have nothing to do with each and do not share info. You have three files and must deal with each CRA individually.
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Re: Disputing information with all three CB
If it was PIF before the BK filing, then dispute as inaccurate with the CRA where it's listed as IIB.
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Re: Disputing information with all three CB
Just to add my .02 here.  I am also in the process of disputing inaccurate information on my and my husband's credit reports.  I have had some luck getting inaccurate information removed, but have also had some that came back saying "verified" and were still not accurate.
If you are disputing something and it comes back saying "verified" or if it has been updated and is STILL inaccurate, you can continue disputing it as inaccurate.  The credit reporting agencies HAVE to fix it.  If they are telling you they have already investigated something and won't do it again, they are violating the law. 
When re-disputing, I have found it helpful to point out what is wrong specifically.  My first attempt is always a general attempt at disputing.  I simply state "this account is wrong" and provide no more information than that.  More often than not, the item has been either removed or fixed.  But if I get it back and it's still wrong, I write back and point out specifically what needs to be fixed and if you have proof, that's even better!
Good luck!  It is quite a chore--but hopefully it will be worth it in the end (at least that's what I'm hoping)!