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Disputing information with all three CB
 I am currently disputing several different accounts with all three cb companies. And i am having trouble figuring out why one will remove a credit card account that was charged off 3 years ago and was included in a Bankruptcy with no problem, but experian for example is telling me that this creditor remains until 2011, which i disagree with and i would think that experian would remove this item as transunion and equifax has already done so.  What would be your advice for my next step in getting this account removed from experian as well. 
I also have a judgement on all three as paid and this account was a apartment lease that was paid in full before the bankruptcy. But yet it is showing as included in BK as paid in full. Does this remain since it was listed as a judgement or is there a way that i can get this removed. This account was sent to the attorney before the bankruptcy and i paid them in full and we did not go to court at all. And i have a letter from the company showing paid in full way before the bankruptcy was ever filed.