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Re: Non Authorized Inq Letter

gfieler wrote:
I have found inquiries on my report not initiated by me but did not know how to get them off.  Thank you.
Recently, I got a credit rejection letter from WFNNB for a Value City Furniture credit card.  The reason listed were "Unable to verify personal information" and "Unable to verify fraud alert data."  It is odd that they have my address, could they have gotten my address from Experian?
I had recently recieved, reviewed and corrected my credit report from all three agencies.  There were three potentially negative items.  I disputed the (incorrect) items and have recieved confirmation from two of the three CRAs that the items have been removed.
Question:  Did the dispute automatically put a fraud altert on my report?
After recieving the letter, I immediately logged onto Experian and did set a 90day fraud alert.  As I entered the fraud alert I was shown my current credit report (no negative items - yeah!)  But, I noticed an additional hard inquiry at a different address also from WFNNB.
I assume that I am the victum of identity theft.  I did not apply for these credit accounts.  My letter to WFNNB did not threaten them but simply asked for the documentation. 
Should I also send a non authorized inquiry letter of the form included here?  I have mixed feelings...if someone is trying to defraud WFNNB by getting credit in my name should they really have to pay me $1000?  On the other hand, if everyone pressed this issue companies making inquiries might start being much more careful about verifying identity before checking credit or opening accounts.
What do you think?
Hi, gfieler, which credit report are you looking at? Is it the short version from myFICO and other sources, or is it the full report from Experian?

If it's the full report, it shows two types of inquiries. "Requests viewed by others" are hard inqs. "Requests viewed only by you" are soft inqs. The soft inqs are allowed if they're for promotional purposes. Unfortunately, EX doesn't display the prefixes that say why the soft was done. Promotional softs have a PRM- prefix.

So anyway, if you saw these inqs in the "Requests viewed by others" section, they were supposed to have your OK first. If they were in the "Requests viewed only by you" section, they were probably for promos, deciding whether they wanted to mail you an offer, etc.
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