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The WaMu $30,000 Visa Platinum Offer I applied for
   I found out that Wamu would run my Transunion report if I applied for their up to $30,000 visa platinum credit card  with 0% interest for 12 months offer. Since my Transunion's score is 666 (what a famous number),  I applied just to see what would they give me since BofA gave me a $22,500 line of credit with a 13.99% interest rate back in October 2005.  Wamu approved me, but with a smaller line of $3000. I was hoping to transfer my higher B of A account to the new Wamu.
   I told them to close this account because this new account being opened would hurt me, and I already have a Providian Visa card that Wamu just merged with a $12,000 credit limit.