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Re: Method Of Verification (MOV)
Hey, Noah.  I could cry, not being the sort to argue with anyone, though surely I do so love a good debate -- but anyway.  Upon insisting that 2 of the three CRAS provide their MOV, it didn't surprise me to learn that of course everything's verified electronically, so of course the bad information continues to update/verify.  I didn't confront TransUnion, as they have the info fairly correct, with the exception of the account being closed. 
It so helps to know the law when you speak to these people, and they get a bit terse and shaken when you start quoting Code.  I have disputed and argued for the very last time, having disputed repeatedly, over the course of the past two years, and have been busy, the last few days, compiling proofs to substantiate my case which I have presented to an attorney (firm) who has agreed to represent me on a contingency basis should the OC/CRAS fail to make corrections, promised  within 10 days, to my credit reports. 
This isn't about money.  God knows I don't need any of that to mess up my life -- well, my little boy's life, as he's dependent upon SSI and FL Medicaid.  The SSI we could do without, but the Medicaid, he could not, and any semi-substantial amount of money would put that, and him, at risk.  So this is about principle.   This is about MOV indeed, and so that this might be less likely to happen to someone else, as desperate as I am, as we all are, for fairly decent credit scores.   
For all of the money I've dumped into checking and rechecking my credit, on line, and monitorring, Equifax and Experian could have hired someone to make the calls to verify the information being disputed, you know?  And I don't quite understand how it is that the info TransUnion reports, on this Sun Trust account, and which hasn't updated since 2003, can be so different from what's being reported to Experian and Equifax, or how the information can change, and has, with these 2 CRAS, over the course of the past three years, in the way of such things as the DOLA, or how it can be that  in their own comments/remarks they indicate/agree that the account has been paid and closed, yet they knock me with brand new/recent lates and recurring charge offs, as they did again, 04/2007.  How is that possible?  I just can't fight them alone, anymore.  I'm tired, and I'm fresh out of time, having hoped my scores would be such that I'd be able to buy a new car that would get me and my little boy to The Hope Center in Jacksonville, without the fear of breaking down, and he and his two older brothers who have put so much time into helping me with him, across country this summer.  Is that too much to ask, Noah?