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Identity Theft Victim - HELP!
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Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say I am amazed that a forum exists with such credit educated individuals as yourselves. I hope that your wisdom can help point me in the correct direction with my current credit issues. I am not sure where to begin, so please forgive me for my long explanation if it seems like a rant.

I was born in 1979 and didn't start to build my credit history until later in my life, after I was nearly 20 years of age. I was never educated on the importance of credit and how it would have such effects on my future.

The ability to secure a car loan, renting (housing), gaining approval for a cellular phone and even with prospective employment. I truly believe that the current economy is directly being effected (for the worse) by the governments inability to properly teaching children the importance of credit and how to gain/maintain good credit. In any case, I made some mistakes at a young age and suffered terribly for it as I grew older. High interest rates on credit cards and car payments. Paying deposits for cell phone service and utilities.

But through the thick and thin, I still marched on and built a solid credit history. That is, until one day someone elected to STEAL it away from me. In early 2003 I had secured a great job in Newport Beach, CA working for a large technological company and as such needed to relocate for work justifications.

I had been introduced to a friend, of a friend, whom had a room available for rent and the price was too good to be true, so without hesitation I immediately took it when offered. I packed my belonging and relocated to sunny Huntington Beach, CA with visions of a great future ahead. I neglected to see the impending storm that was soon to follow....

My new roommate was a few years younger than myself (born in 1981), worked as a custom motorcycle builder/mechanic and seemed like an all-around good guy. We not only were roommates but also became good friends as well. Things seemed to be going great, work was fantastic and life was great!

Then one day (about 7 month after me moving in) he lost his job, I didn't worry as he "claimed" he had plenty of money saved and it was "no big deal, he would just get another job when he was ready". That night we went out to a few local bars and had a great night, talked about how this was a great opportunity for him to spread his wings and how fate, or destiny, may have smiled down on him and this should be considered a blessing.

A few days later, I returned home late on night after staying in the office late. To my surprise, EVERYTHING WAS GONE! All of my items, his items, everything. The house was bare!!! I immediately thought I must've walked into the neighbors apartment as this surely couldn't be OUR apartment. I remember chuckling to myself as I closed the door thinking, "What a doof you are Nick, you walked into the wrong apartment". Unfortunately, it was in fact OUR apartment and my roommate and "friend" cleaned me out.

This is where things get bad, worse, and then terrible....

I filed a police report and after contacting the front office I learned that my roommate had not been paying rent for the past few months so we were actually in the process of being evicted without me knowing. I explained to the office that I had been giving my roommate rent checks (made out to him)and provided the police department with copies of my checks specifically showing "rent" listed on them i the comments section.

Thankfully they didn't prosecute me or list the eviction on my credit, however they said I had to move along my merry way. This was agreeable and I sought housing at a local apartment complex near by that was very understanding and offered me one months free rent. Then the problems started..

I couldn't get approved for the apartment!? I insisted they were mistaken and had obviously inputted some incorrect information as my credit was flawless and I could not have been declined. After review my credit report with them it was obviously clear, someone had opened various credit accounts, maxed them, and never paid. These account had gone past 120 days late and had been charged off, sold to a new collection agency, and now my credit was damaged.

After talking to the various credit card companies and explaining to them my situation a few responded with the following style of letters... "This account has been established in your name, has been activated and used for purchases It adheres to the credit card agreement that was included with your initial mailing. As such, you are required to satisfy this debt." Suffice to say, things just continued to get worse and worse.

My old roommate used my ID to secure a new Drivers License and was issued multiple infractions on my record which eventually led to me getting pulled over and incarcerated for something I never committed! (These items have since been removed and I have a letter from the DA Office in Kern County, CA advising my old roommate was the party committing the fraudulent use of my identification and SS# and was currently in custody is the state of AZ serving time for other crimes)

In any case. None of the credit bureaus have helped in any regard and the creditors are even worse. My credit is ruined, I am currently a sub 500 score on all 3 trade lines.

I cant get a pot to piss in on credit, I am drowning in high rates, and don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I have submitted a copious amount of paperwork to the bureaus. Police reports, a sealed/stamped/signed letter from the Kern County DA stating my identity has been compromised, I have requested copies of the paperwork to validate signatures.

But alas, I have gained no ground.

Currently there is 40k in student loans outstanding on my report. I have requested the MPN and verified its NOT my signature, yet the TU and EX wont remove them, EQ did and listed them as fraudulent. I requested copies of paperwork and contracts from other creditors and they only send me itemized statements, nothing with my signature on it.

There are other various credit card account that are listed as well, I assume I COULD pay them but why the F&*^ would I pay something that is not mine!? Thats ludicrous and I refuse!!

Someones help me!@ tell me what to do! Is there life after having your good credit destroyed!? I am living on a prayer here. There has got to be light at the end of the tunnel!

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