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Re: Identity Theft Victim - HELP!
I seen that alot of people have read your post but had not replied so i wanted to say hi and welcome you to the forums. I am sorry to hear about your terrible events and i am sure someone in the forums will have some advice for you. It seems to me that you are doin all that you can and just dont give up trying. 
I had two credit cards stolden from me from a woman who lived with me when she didnt have a place to stay. She would take them from my purse when i was sleeping and put them back so i didnt know anything was happening. When I discovered all the charges i immediatly went to the police station and filed a report and just as fast she was gone before i made it home. I still dont know how she knew i was writing a report. My credit card companys where very helpful and fixed the charges. As far as the police go..... She had stold other items from the house camera, video camera, leather jacket and so odds and ends so my father (who knew her) hunted her down and found her wearing the jacket. lol they had her in a hotel where she was crying and saying sorry. I called the police to tell them where she was and that she was admitting to using my cars and the thefts. They told me Her admitting to it ment nothing and the were not going to go to the hotel. I thought WOW amazing justice system. She was never convicted for any of it.
Anyway because of this exsperience i know how hard it could be just dealing with a fraud and yours is so much more. Just keep trying though.