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I got a 1500 charge off with Wachovia because someone cas...
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Brammy wrote:
Has the account been paid off. Why do you think it should be removed? If you paid it with the previous collector you need a PIF letter from them. You can forward that with your dispute to the credit bureaus.

I got the charge off with Wachovia, but Wachovia sold the account to RJM Aquisition. I settled with the RJM, new collector/creditor. If I want it deleted, who would I plead to? Wachovia or the new creditor?

I got a 1500 charge off with Wachovia because someone cashed bad checks on my account then skipped town. While I know that was not the bank's fault, it was not really mine either. But it has been screwing me over for 4 years now. I paid it as soon as i got out of college and was no longer dirt broke. I just want them to have a heart and delete it. As evidence that someone was messing with my identity, I included a copy of my checksystems report (the checking account version of credit report), which had signs of fraudulent activities around the time I got the overdraft that led to charge-off. It reported that an account was open with fake information! But, the information listed was mine. My argument was, if i did it, they could not cry "fraud", because the information would have been mine. I further argued that, even though this was not irrefutable evidence that i did not cause the Wachovia charge off, they should believe me because I've been willing to work with them. I said I did not want the settlement money back, I just wanted a delete. The MAX number of time charge off can screw you over is 7 yrs, but since I did not even do it, I think 4 years is adequate punishment! But, as NewWorldMan has said many times...they just want to rub it in your face for as long as possible!

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