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"That was what I was wanting to see, but my dispute...
"That was what I was wanting to see, but my dispute was with Discover – do you have their rules, also?"
Don't have something similar to the visa/mc ones, but here's a listing of the codes:
IC - Requested Item Illegible Copy
RI - Non-Receipt of Requested Item
AW - Altered Amount
CD - Credit Posted as Sale
DP - Duplicate Processing
EF - Transaction Exceeds Floor Limit
TF - Service Establishment Adjustment
IN - Invalid Card Member Account Number
LP - Late Presentment
RG - Non-Receipt of Goods
RM - Cardmember Disputes Merchandise / Service
RN - Non-Receipt of Credit
UA - Unauthorized Purchase
DA - Declined Authorization
Searching the web for a particular one should give you more info.