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Re: Denied on FHA today...when to re-apply again?

westo12 wrote:
So you got approved for an FHA loan with a recent 30 day late, and a 60 day late within the last 2 years?

I thought it wan't possisble, but I sent my lender a copy of my credit report that I had pulled to do a pre-preapproval so to speak.  Once she checked that over, she told me that she saw no issue with getting financed for a new home.  I don't know if it is because we have a very good debt to income ratio right now, or our income is good, or what, but i'm not going to fight it! Another thing too is, we plan on doing a new build which is an 8 month process.  By the time the house is complete, all the time would pass that would age the lates.

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