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Worst experiance of my life

Finally got my Mortgage issues figured out, but man this is just been way too hard.


We were building a new home, got approved for FHA and had all the cash to get the deal done. But I started looking at other options to save money, USDA and conventional.


Decided to go with USDA instead, and had to use my down payment money to pay off my car to get my backend ratio in range. Well USDA denied me. So I went down the path of conventional, couldn't get approved because of the dispute comments on my report. After a long rapid recore I got it fixed, score still good and I have the down and cash reserves. Still denied.


So I had to start looking at FHA again, I was approved very easy. But now I have to sell my car to pull the cash out and either buy my car back with a loan or buy something else. Add that to the 30k I still have in the bank to get it done. We close in 2 weeks. God this has been a terrible experiance. When I bought 8 years ago and went conventional it was way easier then this.