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Re: My USDA Direct loan experience so far.

So, we went to the orientation and and to sign our loan commitment letter today , 7/26/12.They wanted me to get the inspector to rephrase his statement on the HVAC to say it was working, or have it serviced.We decided to get it serviced . We would hate to be facing a major repair down the road that we could have avoided.That's scheduled for tomorrow.Another thing was waiting on the survey.I think it has been completed, not quite certain today.I know it was started.(those can take 10 days to do)

Anyway, the lady in charge of our loan at the USDA mentioned they wanted to close by next Friday! I almost fell out of my chair. 8 days? Didn't see that coming.I didn't bother to pack or get too excited after reading other people's experiences.

So as far as the window issue and termites in the workshop is not a big deal at all. The HVAC was the only concern in my case.


I actually got an email about the water test a few minutes after I posted my last post.Everything was fine , no coliforms.

Waiting now for the clear to close.