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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership

Still waiting for UW, but...


When I signed the contract, the home included foam insulated block as a standard feature.  It was one of the selling points for this builder to me.  I received a letter awhile back telling me they were upgrading my windows to Low-E (I had already paid for an upgrade to double-pane) and were removing the foam.  I emailed my salesperson and said, no, I still want the foam.  He told me it was no longer offered, but that I should talk to the superintendent when I had my builders meeting. 


Had the meeting, talked to him, he told me if I had upgraded to the Low-E, they would still do the foam, but he would see what he could find out.  FF to today and he tells me they are no longer offereing the foam, but here is the number for the contractor in case I want to do it on my own.  THEN he calls to tell me that it should have been offered as an add-on.  I remind him that as of my contract date, it was still a standard feature, so no reason to offer it as an extra. He then said he would need to talk to the boss to figure out the change order for it.  I told him I'd already called the contractor and would be very interested to see the price difference.


In the meantime, I email the salesperson who insists that it is no longer an option AT. ALL. He also told me that it's too late to do a change order.


I am SOOOOOOO frustrated by this whole thing.  They are over a month late starting and now they are going to harass me over my insisting that they include what I signed up for?  I even told them I would pay the difference in price between the double pane and the Low-E if it meant I could still have the foam, so it's not like I'm asking for it for free.  Sheesh.

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