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Still Waiting for Preapproval

Last week wednesday i applied with wells fargo through an old LO I knew from back in the day and she said on Friday that she would start working on my file earlier this week. So I reach out to her for an update. At the same time I went through PNC just because wells said all they need is 600 which I am good at, and my mid score should be 629 with TU so I should be okay with a FHA (pending the EX FAKO isnt too far off).  I applied for PNC on thursday and the guy emailed me on Friday but i didnt call him back because immediately because the name wasnt familiar.  So then I received another email from him on Tuesday, so I called him and he took my information over the phone.  So today I pulled my EX to see if there has been any inquiries and it looks like PNC pulled today.(Nothing from wells yet).  I know I am being impatient but I really am just curious to see if i quaify because I read several stories where people monitored there credit from these sites and then they go in and they are too different to apply.  So once I know if I can start the house hunt or not I'll be pretty excited!



I have been working on my credit for a few months!  I had two collections removed from experian as well as one charge off credit line deleted ane one loan added as included in my bankruptcy.  The same for Transunion but only one collection was removed.  My utilizations have fallen below 24% and since my bankruptcy I have not been late. 


My scores are EX FAKO 647 TU 629(didnt have one of my accounts updated when I pulled) EX 615.  I hope to hear something today! If not i'll try again next year! 

Beginning:Explus 630 eq 573 tu 593
Current: EXplus:677 Eq 642 TU 727
Goal: Explus 700 eq 700 tu 800

Merrick: 1550 Capital One:1150 Barclay: 2000 Walmart: 300 Chase Freedom: 500