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Re: My USDA Direct loan experience so far.

congrats to you!!!

I am still hanging in there and I swear I almost cancelled this whole deal like TWICE.  USDA direct in NY is a tough nut.  Found a house was on 18 acres was told not modest for their program.  Found a house on 1.9 acres but 3,000 sq feet not modest for their program.  Now the house I made the actual offer on is on 2.8 acres, and 2047 sq. feet.. They are complaining about the 47 square feet.  I am having it inspected on Wednesday, so I hope I can get the inspector to over look a closet ... smh.. this has not been a fun process at all.  But I'm still hanging in there.  I am so close to home ownership that I can almost TASTE it!!! 0_0

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