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Re: September & October Closers

I've just sent loads of documents and fulfilled all of my conditions (hopefully). Being self employeed= endless paperwork, haha.


  • Purchase Price:  $205k (+ $9500 in seller's assist)
  • Property: ~1490 sqft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath coloniel
  • Submitted offer on: Mid July, 2012
  • Signed Purchased contract on : a few days later
  • Type of Loan: FHA
  • Loan Rate: 3.265%
  • Loan Application submitted:  Mid July, 2012
  • Loan approved: Mid August, 2012 (with conditions)
  • Closing date: September 6, 2012 at noon


I'm a contractor. I was hoping for a fixer upper, but came across this house.. It's in move-in ready condition, so I get to start on the fun projects instead. First up is to help the curb appeal out with some landscaping and a front porch to give the front of the house some dimension.