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Re: Still Waiting for Approval

Hi all - this is my first post here, had a questions about the wells fargo pre approval process....


Loan Officer pulled out credit scores mid  score for my husband and I 662 and 673, she said the scores were good, and she put the load thru their computerized decision engine but said don't go shopping yet it had to go thru underwriting first for them to give their blessing. She sent me loan documents to sign for a generic address and a loan amount of 200k. Signed and emailed back last Thursday.....havent heard a word....


How long does it normally take? Any ideas? Did everyone else have to sign preliminary documents before getting the pre approval?


My realtor wont even let us start looking until we have the pre approval. If I had it to do all over again I would have chosen a different Realtor and Lender neither have been particularly helpful. The loan officer waited 8 days after telling me the scores were good before sending me the loan documents to sign and flat out said she got busy and forgot.....The suspense is killing me my whole life is on hold trying, credit repair/house hunting is a full time hobby these days.


Thanks for your help.


Hope everyone else home buying goes smoothly!