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Re: VA loan Journey!!!

MissKay wrote:

I have found my home now and I'm starting the process. 

Received my preapproval letter on 8/14 and found my dream home on 8/18.  Negotiated the price and agreed on an amount on 8/20. Signed contracts today on 8/21. I had to send my LO all of my bank statements, w2s etc prior topre approval, so I'm hoping closing goes smooth. Fingers crossed. I have not been required to have big reserves or anything. I did have to do a $1000 good faith payment that I will get back because the house is completely renovated and had only been on the market 9 days. Plus I got a great price. I will keep you guys posted ona inspections etc. fingers crossed

Congrats on the new journey! Keep us posted!



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