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Re: September & October Closers

indecison wrote:

Update: Our house is a few weeks away from being ready so I spoke to my MB yesterday to go forward with locking our rate. We locked in the rate at 3.375% FHA. Came out of underwritting late last week and she told me yesterday that they were just waiting on some title stuff to come back and they would resubmit for clear to close which she believes we will get by mid next week. Things are moving along and we are so ready for this to be over!

Love that the rates are so low!! Now if only I could get myself in a better position to get financed lol.  Wish these closing stories had a credit score listed, or even a range, that would be even more motivating to the rest of us!  Thanks for sharing.

Sigh. Starting over...Chap7 discharge 7/29/15 scores as of 11/19: tr535/eq574/ex579