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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval

Forget it!!!! I couldn't wait until Tuesday to send that nasty gram..... she is terrible.... I'm tired of her not following through on simple things she said that she would do..... I understand that she is busy but I work and I am busy too and what she is doing would be unacceptable where I work so she needs to be held accountable.... Whatever she comes back with I am ready to let her have it!  I find it hard to believe that she sent an email on Monday (5 days ago) requesting an update and UW has not gotten back to her yet.   I am to the point that I am no longer dreading rejection..... I don't care what the answer is (really I do care, but I have prepared myself either way)..... I just want one!!!!!  I feel like if I am rejected, then it was a blessing in disguise working with this LO from heck!  I just want to scream!!!!!!!!

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