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Re: New cards affect mortgage application

BhamRN wrote:
As a newbie, I have a question for all you savvy MyFico-ers. Last month I applied for some credit cards for DH and myself that I've had my eye on. I was thinking we would not be looking for a house/mortgage for AT LEAST 1-2 years. However, as is usually the case with my plans, things have changed and I am now anticipating to begin the mortgage application process in around 6 months.

Here are the details: before apping our scores were 740-760. Both had AAoA of 2-3 years (multiple TLs and student loans reporting so AAoA will decrease probably 3-4 months). No lates/ baddies of any kind on either report. I will have 1 new TL reporting on my account as of last month and he will have 2.

So, have I ruined us for a potential mortgage hunt this Spring??


No way you will be fine. The effect of the new accounts will deminish some within the next 5 months. I think you are safe to apply in Feb or march. You are doing great! You should consider both a conventional mortgage and an Fha mortgage. There are pros and cons to each. I like the conventional because it costs less in the wrong run but an Fha can be much easier to get because of less down payment and cash reserve requirements. I think its a good idea to study both programs. Basically; the amount of cash you have in savings will determine which program is right for you.

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