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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval


Thanks very much for this information. I actually applied to another Mortgage company, who has already started to generate a file on me...w2;s, tax returns, stubs, explanation letters etc. He has direct contact with underwritten and feels pretty sure he can close the loan.


I have been waiting on a response from Wells, starting next week, will be week 3. I bank with Wells and I am terribly disappointed in the lack of service and follow up on this application. I would advise treat people with dignity and respect and just say NO, and not linger people on...this is uncalled for. Or, give people the reason for the decline so that they will no what to work on.


When you go through the initial application and the processor says your ratios looks good, you meet the minimum score, sign the applications and then hear nothing for weeks, this is really unacceptable, but I am preaching to the choir..pardon me on this.