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Re: September & October Closers

Well, the wait is finally over. I've been waiting for the October thread to come up for months, eager to share our excitement. This is the first house for my wife and I--we've always been renters before, but rents in our area (Central Florida) have just been climbing out of control, and I'm ready to be my own landlord. Smiley Happy Our last remaining condition to close (so far) is the homeowner's insurance, which I'm planning to finalize this week.


Without further ado...


  • Purchase Price:  $379,361
  • Property: 3,927 sq. ft,  4bd, 3.5ba
  • Submitted offer on: n/a (new construction)
  • Signed Purchased contract on : 3/14/12
  • Type of Loan: FHA 30-yr fixed
  • Loan Rate: 3.375% (locked 7/29/12)
  • Loan Application submitted:  6/7/12
  • Loan approved: 6/20/12
  • Committment letter received on: 7/13/12
  • Closing date: 10/8/12, pending home completion
  • Closed on: TBD

Fico Scores:
EQ - 811 (Feb '14)
TU - 829 (Mar '14)
EX - 814 (Mar '12) - Lender Pull