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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval

I am sorry to hear about your denial, if I had to to all over again I would have never used wells fargo, keep us posted on what happens with the other company.


To Winning...congrats on your approval what where the conditions? Hope all goes smoothly!


Update on us, Friday I emailed the Loan Officer with a few of the documents that she requested and then asked her if she thought it was abnormal to ask for W2's from 5 years ago? and I acted as though it was completely normal, she said the underwritier told her that our loan was definately a doable deal they just needed to verify my work history because I am in Sales and always have been but in 2010 I was a stay at home mom for a year and before that I had worked 2 jobs in 2007 - 2009 the part time one was not in my sales feild....still doesnt make any sense to me. No matter what I did then I promise I dont have any money left from 2008 that will pay back this mortgage lol


anyway not sure what we are gonna do yet, gonna take 60 days to get copies of w2 and it cost 60 dollars per year.....not sure if to wait it out, try another lender or maybe let my husband apply on his own....not sure