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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval

Wow there has been some issues with Wells Fargo, which is what I had heard from my Realtor.  He told me that Wells Fargo is just not good to use, but this was after i had already received my preapproval.  At this point I should have all my Documentation in(i have seen on this site that the LOs will want my tax returns, which she did not initially ask for) The LO happens to be a friend of mine so I am hoping she watches out for me, which it seems like she has been doing so far.   My appraisal was completed as of Monday, and I got my insurance agent today, which my realtor wanted to know that information to give to the title agency.  My loan processor called me yesterday and told me that my loan was being sent to the u/w.  So I am waiting for the u/w to be completed.  The only snafu that has happend is that I wantd to use a down payment assitance program that is called grants for grads and they said that it would take me longer to go through their preapproval process because they are so backed up.  So i opted just to pay the amount so that i can hopefully close on time.  Potential Closing date is 9/27 and I will reach back out to Liz on Monday.  In the beginning i did have to reach out to her because I was so anxious but she has been reaching out to me for things, like my updated bankstatements because she had to change my intial app. So good luck to us all!

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