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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval

Good news and bad news. Good news is that my file has only take 3 days to be reviewd by the first u/w at wells.  Bad news, I am not getting approved.  They said because I was late on a payment after my bankrutpcy(which i assume they are speaking about the collections on my account which is not on there when my pulled my report today),the fact that i am going to making no payments to payments(i live with my parents i pay them $400 in rent a month),  that i have $75,000 in debt(due to school and a car loan of $11,000) and finally my lack of savings(i thought with FHA you do not have to have several months of payments saved? It's in their now, but i didnt know that was an issue) they do not feel comfortable approving me.  So with a closing date of 9/27 I am trying to rush to get financing after these people busted their asses to go into contract with me, and to fix the remedies.  i called my realtor who told me from the get go that he did not like wells fargo and he gave me someone else from concord bank.  So i am waiting on that information and I'll keep you guys posted! I'm glad i decided to  not buy all that furniture! lol

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