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Re: (Hopefully) My Journey to Homeownership (new: 9/15)

LO pulled my credit again today. Good news: DTI was down. Bad news: Score was also down (in siggy). Dangit.  She said it still "looks good", though, and is getting the file ready to go back to UW for a 3rd time with the updated report/conditions.  I sure will be glad when this part is over!


Builder told me we are ahead of schedule on the house, so I'm hoping we can bump up the closing date.  LO said she would probably know more about that tomorrow.  Insurance paperwork is filled out.  I'm waiting to hear when carpet is going in as that is when I'm supposed to do water/electric in my name.


Construction-wise, we have drywall and are supposed to be getting paint, trim, interior doors, garage door, and driveway done this week!  I'm still in surreal mode. Haven't packed a thing.

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