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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval-Updates

Okay so i spoke to the LO last night and he verified that we wont closed by next week.  My realtor said that he doesnt believe the extension will be an issue, but I still feel the burn from wells fargo saying that i shouldnt be denied.  LOL   So he said that i needed the following:


  • The Bankrutpcy Documents that had my schedule(all i have is the schedule so i am hoping that will be good enough)
  • LOE for missing rent payment for the month of July
  • Promissory note for the amount i borrowed from my 401k
  • gift award letter(because the amount is in my other account which i do not want to show because i have overdraft fees and they can cause some issue. so i have to do some finangling)
  • my 1040 for 2011, was i sent wasnt sufficient enough
  • my homebuyer's class certificate of completion
  • Updated transaction history of my account



Seems like a hell of a lot. i asked him if it really is looking good.  I dont want to bust my ass getting all this stuff and i get denied due to something that could have been identified prior.  He said he wouldnt ask me to get all this stuff it he didnt think the loan was going to get approved. So i'm keeping the faith and will follow up with my real estate war story later! Good Luck to all of you as well!

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