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Re: Preapproved! All listings here seem to be short sales.. questions about negotiating..
Honestly, it depends on what the real estate market is like where you are and the comps of neighboring homes.

Here in Las Vegas, had I offered less than list price or asked for seller paid items for my contracted home, I would've lost the chance. I also came in with an extra $1000 in earnest money.

I offered at list for 6 other properties and ended up in a battle for highest and best.

This time, I caught the listing from another realtor's site as soon as it was listed. There was no picture which kept a lot of people away at first, but not me. I read the details, saw it was a newer build and claimed to have almost what I wanted. Went to see it and was the first offer in. Gave listing price and didn't ask for any expenses paid.

I'm closing within a week and while under contract, the home has gained 20k in equity.... it's been a long longggggggggggg road though (7 months)!
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