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My USDA Direct Loan Experience so far
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Hello all,


I've been looking at buying a house for awhile, but only got serious about it recently.  I had a previous bankruptcy that was discharged in 2005 so for the longest time I was under the impression that that buying a house would not be a possibility until it fell off.  I learned about the USDA's direct program and learned that after reading the requirements that it sounded like it was possibility.  I thought about a conventional loan, but right now it's really hard for me to come up with a down payment right now so this is another reason why the USDA loan makes sense to me.




I've worked hard to rebuild my credit and since my BK in 2005 my scores are in the 675 range.  I have 0 derogatory marks on my credit now - the only items that are impacting my score are I owe about $4000 on a credit card and $4300 on a personal loan.  I don't owe anything else.  (Car is paid off)  I make about $30,000 a year and do qualify for the low income limit for a direct loan.


Process so far:


Once I learned about the loan the USDA offers I drove to their office and talked with someone there.  I filled out a pre-qualification app and the nice lady there said everything looked good so she gave me an application to fill out.  Got everything filled out and sent it and FedEx'd to their office on Tuesday and according to a credit alert they pulled a report on Wednesday.  I did forget to include my W2's so I'm sure I will have to mail those in at some point.




Since they've already pulled my credit already for the app I would assume that all the info I've sent them is good so far right?  Does that seem usually fast that they've already pulled my credit or is it normal?


She also did tell me about the situation with this year's budget being depleted and that 2013 hasn't been approved yet.  Has anyone heard any news about funding?


I'll keep everyone updated on my progress and edit this post as things change.




9/14/12 - Preapproved in USDA office


9/16/12 - Application submitted and overnighted


10/18/12 - Received Certificate of Eligibility.