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Re: Preapproved! All listings here seem to be short sales.. questions about negotiating..

I am closing on a short sale next week.  It is in Arizona.  It was listed at 135000 and I offered 130000 plus 3% of closing and it was accepted.  I put the offer in 8/6 and am closing by 10/1 so luckily it was a quick process.   This was the second home I put an offer on.  The first home was a bidding war that I lost.  It was listed at 100000 and I offered 115000.


the best advise I have is to find a realtor you click with.  They will be able to give you an idea whether there is room to negotiate or not.  My realtor is amazing we were on the same page immediately and he kept everything moving.  I was also doing this from 2000 miles away so he took care of everything for me.


Good luck on your home search!  If you have any questions on the short sale process let me know!