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Re: The Official NACA mortgage thread
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My deposit was more than I needed at closing so I got a check back...  Actually the funds went to buy down the rate further, so I got a 100% loan, minimal costs to close, and an interest rate under 3% on a 30-year fixed basis.


NACA pays everything except inspections, taxes and insurance.  Insurance is prepaid for one year (I paid for my policy and provided proof).  Taxes are pro-rated depending on your closing date and the dates in your jurisdiction, so if the seller is paid through he end of the year you owe the prepaid portion back to them, and your escrow account will take some advance taxes - where I closed it was six months taxes prepaid.


 I found it a little confusing, because on my Good Faith Estimate the lender listed out a lot of costs.  At closing those were all marked "paid by lender".  I guess I was a little skeptical but NACA really came through and all closing costs except inspections, taxes and insurance (which are escrow items not closing costs) were covered.

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