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Re: Still Waiting for Preapproval-Updates

They were not kidding about stating that this is a stressful time where they????  I would see what your LO says and what needs to be done to work it out.  Maybe they can look at another option.  From what i was told is that NSFs on your bankruptcy could potentially kill your loan review.  They could see that as you not paying a bill.  So it is just less hassle to do that.  A gift letter just shows your parents or another immediate relative I believe is giving you the additional funds for your down payment.   They have to go to the bank and may need the bank to stamp that the funds are there.  Then they may want a copy of the check given to you as well as the deposit slip.  I hope so for you! I want you to get this home!!!



Today all that is needed is my copy of the gift certified check and the copy of the deposit slip.  Unfortunately my mother will not be able to give it to me until the 28th.  So, hopefully we are at the end.  My LO just sent me an email asking me for the disclosures, but i thought i had already given those to him unless i didnt scan the pages up correctly.   The hardest things for me to get was my tax returns, the guy who did them just fell off the planet but i contacted his home office because i needed the 1040 form.  When i reviewed it he spelled my name wrong several times, and then did my p & ls as a business so i could get some type of credit.  Had i known i would have told him no.  What he explained to me when he did my taxes was not what he did.  So I will not be going to him again, and i made sure i did a LOE for the schedule C on my taxes as i have never owned a business.  I tried to be ahead of the game. Next was my documents for my bankrutpcy which i did not have, so i had to find this site called Pacer which has your bankruptcy documents housed there.   I paid $5 for those and he said they were good.  Now let's see what else is next.....

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