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What to do and how?

Hello All


I am very confused as to what I should do and any help from you would be appreciated.  I have been trying to repair my credit, dispute items, etc for 6 months now.  My Score is under 600 and I have about 8000.00 in old debt- in other words bills I quit paying years ago when I was young and dumb.  All are still within the statue of limitations.  Moist are tiny bills under 500.00. HOwever, I do have a Repo from April 10 for 5300.00.  I would like to pay all my bad debt off but I am confused if I pay in full or settle them at this point.  I am not sure what will be better for me.  My goal is to clean up my credit and get a house.  I have a good job now and am able to take care of it all, I just don't know where to begin and am overwhelmed. I do have updated reports from all three bureaus- I am ashamed of them but I have them!!  Thank you so much for your help!!