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USDA loan in Florida

Hello everyone,

My husband and I signed for a loan back in the beginning of August and we have been patiently waiting for everything to be approved and go through. We were told by our LO that we would need to be approved by USDA by the last business day of Sept (tomorrow) in order to not have to wait until November for funding. Now this has turned into a nail biting and anxiety inducing situation and our LO or his assistant will NOT call us back! We have been trying to call since yesterday with no contac.! My husband tried calling our local USDA office and they said they could not advise us that we would need to talk to our LO. So now here we are stuck waiting to hear something. We are currently renting a place that we are not comfortable in and we are so ready to move out and we really do not want to wait another month. We were approved by the underwriter last wednesday 9/19 and it was then sent to USDA. I guess I am just wanting to know if anyone in Florida or who has had a USDA loan has closed recently and how long it took? Also does anyone know if the funding has been approved yet? I guess I just need someone to help assure me and keep me from freaking out!