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Re: My home buying thread!!

We got the inspection report back last night. It said a bunch of stuff I didn't really understand but in the summary on the last page he said the house was in good shape. My husband decided there were a few things he wanted to ask the seller's to fix. We are waiting on their response to that request. The mortgage broker has requested a few LOE on some things. He said he would order the appraisal as soon as everything was done on the inspection side. If the sellers don't want to do the repairs, we will do them ourselves when we move in. They really are no big deal. Just some caulking and stuff. I am so anxious to get this appraisal going. We are expecting the house to appraise about $25K over what we are paying.


About to head off to Atlanta for the weekend to watch Chipper play his last games at the Ted. Hopefully it will relieve some of this stress.

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