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Re: 2011 IRS Installment Plan and Closing

I had filed an extension in april and had an agreement for my 2009 taxes to pay them around novemeber.   I've tried to do a lot of searching on what to have done, and one thing I overlooked was to have had this years taxes filed.  It never crossed my mind, and I was never asked.  Lucky for me I ran across it. I filed last night, paid last night, and paid $2600 this morning to pay off my installment.   The bad thing is, it looks like it takes a while after you file to get transscripts. I'm guessing this is going to delay my closing.   I sent my LO the copy of the check, and the stamp the IRS put on it. The stamp, just says they recieved it.     I noticed that the IRS had already accpeted my return though, that's a good thing. 


I wonder if I'll have any chance to close by the end of october, and what I can do to push it out...