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My recovery !
My story to recovery after chapter 7 bankruptcy & foreclosure. April 2009 my petition was filed, July 2009 discharge was completed. One month after bankruptcy I secured a loan for a used car from regional acceptance corporation 14k. Fast forward 18 months, applied for capital one approved 750! 6 months later another capital one card 500 approved. 6 months later applied for apple Barclays approved 1200, Walmart 400 & Sunoco 800. Applied for mortgage with Wells Fargo, went to under writing had to wait additional six months before the would consider.(heart was broken) 6 months later closing on 125k home next week with our clear to close given today! Life can be normal after job loss bankruptcy & foreclosure, it takes patience but it is possible to restore your life. My Fico was a 704 mid score!