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Re: Wondering where to start

I would PFD the collections that are showing on CRA's, in which I think will give your FICO a healthy boost.  It  depends on what the minimum Middle Score the Mortgage Broker or Lender will require.  I went with a Mortgage Broker and my Middle Fico Score had to be 640.  I printed out my CRA's and I let the MB look over my report prior to her pulling my Credit Report.  I didnt have a lot of money saved up, after paying off the debt and getting on the right track I went with USDA Gauranteed.  I paid O$ down payment and the Sellers covered most of my Closing Cost.  When it was all said and done I was out of approximately $600.00 out of pocket. Also, ask to see if your Closing cost can be rolled into the Loan.  I think Home Ownership is just around the corner.

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