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Re: USDA loan in Florida
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Hi there! I just came across your comment after doing searches online for USDA turnaround times in FL. We were told by our LO on the 27th that we have been approved; however, we are still waiting from them to inform us if and WHEN our file will be handed over to USDA.


I read some of these comments in which people are having trouble and it is getting me a little nervous. We've been working with our LO since March 1st of this year and have had some moments where we want to switch to someone else. Either he is not "in-tune" when my husband and I ask questions; has mixed our files with other clients (3 times); and usually contradicts himself when we confront him with issues or mistakes he's made! With all that being said, it makes me nervous on how our file is going to be once it is handed over to USDA. Due to his assurance of how our file was coming along, he told us where we stood and that all looked great for us to close on 9/28 the latest 1st week of October. He even told us it was okay to give our notice to our apartment complex which we did and now we have until the 18th of this month to vacate the premises. Luckly we have my in-laws to stay with but for how long? Time is running out! I've read turnaround times as short as 6 busienss days but I've also read some longer than 45 business days! So which one is it??? We're purchasing a home in Osceola County. So does that mean our file is handled in the Gainsville office which could lead to a shorter turnaround time?? Smiley Indifferent


This has been some sort of ride I tell you! We were originally building our own home and due to issues (again because of our LO) not being on top of things, we ended up going for another home, same model at least, that buyers back out of their contract. It is still a new constructed home! Luckly the house was up to my liking and with upgrades they were not going include the charges, except give us the house to what our original home price was going for since it was their mistake! With these upgrades we saved at least $6,500!! Anyhow, going back to the USDA topic, I hope to hear back from him sometime today or this week!! I have been a nervous wreck all September and here we are October 1st! Please could you guys keep us posted with your outcome? I will with mine! GOOD LUCK!! Smiley Happy