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Re: Can I use my 401k to help me purchase my dream home?

webhopper wrote:

DallasLoanGuy wrote:

borrow the funds from the 401k


the payments do not figure into dti


this is the est course of action for most



+1...  This is what I did.  I borrowed 8.5k from my 401k to help with DP and closing costs in January 2012 of 11k on a conventional mortgage w. 5% down, 3% sellers paid closing costs, 175k sales price.   The 401k loan payments did not factor into my DTI since it was secured by my own financial assets.  My 401k balance is about 50k and I'm 31.   I paid off the 401k loan in April with my bonus.  Then I took out another loan against my 401k and paid off my husbands dodge which he bought before our marriage.  The interest rate was 21% on that dodge... I would much rather pay myself 5.5% than pay Americredit   21%

Not telling you what to do. But at your age. And having that much already in there. You should have just withdrawn that amount to pay for a house. Not borrowed it. Buying a house is one of the reasons you're allowed to withdraw money from it